Our Divine Ruin (Large Print / Paperback)

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By Melissa Sweeney, Melissa Sweeney (Cover Design by)
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The world is new and fertile. Beingkind-humanity and crossborne alike-has evolved past the use of sticks and stones. They've now developed societies that threaten the once calming lives of the ancient Deities who govern the world. These Gods are cautious but still confident that nothing will challenge the mundanity of the Earth they worked so hard to create.

Then Sh o and Ma mo are born.

Due to their rapid evolution, two new Deities have been mysteriously selected to carry out the wills of beingkind. Ma mo , a slave born in Ancient Greece, now possesses all the power of humanity. Sh o, the spare heir to Ancient China's royal draconic lineage, has been chosen to be the crossbreeds' God.

And the ancient Deities, shocked at how this came to be, can only sit back and watch as these two catalysts grow into creatures far more powerful than they could ever dream of being.

Or they could intervene, and tie the red strings of fate around their pretty, little necks.

As Sh o and Ma mo enter a relationship that challenges the sanctity of All, will Earth be changed for the better, or will it be destroyed in fire and ice?

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ISBN: 9798869341976
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Melissa Sweeney
Publication Date: October 1st, 2024
Pages: 524
Language: English