My Father Killed President John F. Kennedy: A Memoir: Revised Edition (Hardcover)

My Father Killed President John F. Kennedy: A Memoir: Revised Edition By Bruce H. Bell Cover Image
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"In my more than half a century of studying the issues of the assassination, I have heard many stories and have never been as impressed as I am with Bruce's. I do believe that this is a true and factual story concerning the assassination of President Kennedy, finally. In the fourteen publications that I have released since 1975, I have always dealt with the physical evidence in the case and never tried to deal with a story of the inner workings of the conspiracy. This is the first time that I've dealt with the part of the biggest crime of the twentieth century. Others have unfortunately rushed to judgment and scorned other stories about the assassination, and thrown away what might have been important historical evidence. I suggest that the reader keep an open mind and understand what Bruce has gone through to bring us his story."

- Robert Groden

Robert Groden has been researching the assassination of President John F. Kennedy since 1964 and has been considered a leading critic of the Warren Report since 1969. To the vast majority of Americans, Robert Groden is the assassination investigation. Mr. Groden has been accepted as the world's leading authority on the photographic evidence in the Kennedy murder since 1973. "...a groundbreaking memoir that seeks to answer long-lingering questions and breathless speculation surrounding the murder of the 35th president... Enthusiasts of political science and American history will find...a sweeping historical memoir of monumental proportions."

- Lily Amanda of Hollywood Book Reviews

Bell's memoir about a conflicted boy dragged by his masterminding father into the sordid plot to murder JFK sparks sadness, anger, doubt, and fear. Regardless of one's take on the author's narrative, the story remains sincere, well researched, and a thought-provoking look at one of the most controversial political assassinations of all time.

-Priscilla Estes of US Review of Book

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