Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners: Step-By-Step Guide To Raise Your First Colonies in 30 Days (Hardcover)

Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners: Step-By-Step Guide To Raise Your First Colonies in 30 Days By Small Footprint Press Cover Image
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Take your new hobby to the next level without any stress or worry.

Does being in nature bring you unparalleled joy and contentment?

When you think about the world of bugs, insects, and other critters, do you find that you are constantly captivated and interested to learn more?

Maybe you're just in awe of what humanity is doing to the planet and want to explore the various ways in which you can give back to mother nature?

It's too common nowadays that we find ourselves feeling disconnected from nature without properly understanding how we can return to our rightful balance...

It's understandable in today's world that you might feel this way, but there are many things you can do to reconnect.

One of these powerful and impactful ways to give back to mother earth, and to build a fun new hobby for yourself at the same time, is to start your very own beehive.

Bees are nature's most precious asset and without them, the world would truly never be the same again.

Starting a beehive in your backyard will not only guide you back to your roots and connection with the wild, but it can also become a captivating and fun new way to pass the time (and even make a profit).

With a solid foundation of knowledge, some insight into proper maintenance and care, and a holistic outlook on how best to keep your bees buzzing and happy, you'll be swimming in fun (and honey) in no time.

In Backyard Beekeeping For Beginners 2022-2023, you'll discover:

  • Why joining a beekeeping club is a great idea and how you can find the best one in your area
  • How much money and time you'll need to get started so that you save energy and don't waste precious time
  • How to pick the best location for your hive and why this is the most important factor of all
  • How to prepare your hive for optimal success, ensuring that both you and your bees are happy and productive
  • Tips and tricks for hive set-up and everything you need to know so that things go smoothly from the beginning
  • The most common mistakes every beginning beekeeper makes and how you can avoid them
  • BONUS: How you can make a small profit from your beehive and still ensure this new hobby of yours stays both fun and smooth-sailing
  • ... and much more
  • Enough with the dreaming of "one day" having your prized colony in your backyard.
  • It's a great time to get involved in beekeeping, and it will bring you tremendous joy as you give back to mother earth and help restore nature to its beauty and balance.
  • No matter what your current experience level is, with the right network and information you can establish your very own successful backyard beehive in no time at all, and with zero added stress.

If you're ready to get that backyard of yours buzzing with excitement, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.

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ISBN: 9781804211755
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Publisher: Muze Publishing
Publication Date: January 12th, 2023
Pages: 172
Language: English