Greatest Battles for Boys: The Ancient Wars (Paperback)

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Are you struggling to inspire your son to read and stay educated? Then keep reading...

Maybe he would prefer to spend his time playing first-person shooter video games instead of learning?

Maybe you find it hard to motivate him to sit down and read books that will educate and excite him?

Or maybe he sees history as a boring and unimportant subject rather than the essential topic of information we know it to be as adults?

So many books on the history of the greatest battles are littered with dull and uninteresting chapters. It's a poor choice for boys who prefer adventures and games over textbooks.

Hence, Greatest Battles for Boys

Greatest Battles for Boys: The Ancient Wars brings all the best battles to the boys. It is a history book that is highly educational and exceedingly engaging, and fun to read. Your son will be struggling to put this book down and texting his friends that he won't be online playing any games tonight

We all know how important our history and heritage are, and providing your kid with this knowledge at an early age will give him a head start at school, set him on the path to success, and instill in him a hunger for knowledge.

Inside Greatest Battles for Boys: The Ancient Wars, discover:

  • Some of the most important battles of ancient history such as Kadesh, Pelusium, Delium, Hydaspes, Marathon, Thermopylae, Cape Ecnomus, Ch lons, and Red Cliffs
  • The rise and fall of the greatest empires the ancient world had ever seen, including Egyptian, Greek, Persian, Roman, and Chinese
  • Leaders, strategies, tactics, and weapons that determined the winners of the battles that changed history

And much, much more

Grab a copy of Greatest Battles for Boys: The Ancient Wars today, and give your son a history book he will ACTUALLY READ

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ISBN: 9781777846220
ISBN-10: 1777846226
Publisher: Lexah Publications Inc.
Publication Date: February 5th, 2022
Pages: 180
Language: English