Princess Sasha Rescues a Frog: Fun Algebra: Level 1 (Paperback)

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Princess Sasha Rescues a Frog: Fun Algebra is not only a fun and engaging fable, it is also the most effective book for teaching 4- to 8-year-old children basic Algebra. Even children who haven't learned to write numbers learn how to construct and solve Algebra equations such as X + 2 = 5 and X + 3 = 9 by simply drawing the things the text prompts them to write. Clear "why" explanations help very young children to truly understand the usefulness of Algebra equations. Children will learn how to solve Level 1 Algebra problems even though the reader knows nothing about Algebra. Before the main story is read to them, children must solve an easy and enjoyable puzzle. As part of a 9-step trick, children draw large dots, the letter X as well as math symbols such as the plus, minus, and equal signs. Preschool students are motivated to successfully complete each step of the trick so they can see the "invisible" number that's hiding behind the letter X. Children are also motivated to learn how to perform the trick so they can figure out how many tadpoles are hiding behind a strange, underwater plant that's shaped like the letter X. This fictional "X plant" is presented in Princess Sasha Rescues a Frog and the facts of this suspenseful story are incorporated in each Algebra problem. Four- to eight-year-old children become focused on completing the trick because they want to make their parents and grandparents proud of them by performing this trick, which adults and big kids would do to figure out how many tadpoles are hiding behind the X plant. Children love the plot in Princess Sasha Rescues a Frog, which starts out with a 4-year-old girl walking past her 7-year-old brother's room. As she does so, she hears: "Help me. Help me please." A small, distressed voice is what she hears coming from her brother's bedroom. She is delighted to find a green frog inside a box. Sadly, the frog is starving and desperate to get back home to his wife and five babies/tadpoles. Poor little Richard will die unless Princess Sasha and her two best friends figure out a way to rescue him from a little boy who refuses to let the girls take Richard to his beautiful pond home. To learn basic Algebra, your PreK thru third-grade child only needs an effective resource such as Princess Sasha Rescues a Frog, and your encouragement.

About the Author

My first book is called Princess Sasha Rescues a Frog, a short yet suspenseful story about Princess Sasha's efforts to help a starving frog return to his beautiful pond home and reunite with his wife and five tadpoles. Facts from the story form the basis of fun, easy-to-understand Algebra lessons in the form of a cool puzzle and tricks that will amaze your child's friends and family members. Princess Sasha Rescues a Frog is an interactive book because children learn how to solve Level 1 Algebra equations by doing the things the text describes . . . as you read the book to them. The best part is that the reader needs no knowledge of Algebra. PreK to kindergarten children enjoy pasting animal clippings in the correct areas in addition to drawing large dots and math symbols: such as plus, minus, and equal signs . . . as well as the famous letter X. Elementary school children feel pride in solving Algebra equations like grown-ups - with numbers and memorization, instead of counting fingers. I have a B.A. degree in Communications from Rowan University of New Jersey and a J.D. from the University of Colorado-Boulder. I reside in Centennial, CO.

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ISBN: 9781537683881
ISBN-10: 1537683888
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 19th, 2016
Pages: 40
Language: English