Ukraine: Review of Farm Restructuring Experiences (World Bank Technical Papers #459) (Paperback)

Ukraine: Review of Farm Restructuring Experiences (World Bank Technical Papers #459) By Zvi Lerman, Csaba Csaki Cover Image
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'Restructuring has produced a definite favorable impact on labor relations and workers behavior in the reorganized farms. Managers of reorganized farm enterprises give a much more positive assessment of the behavioral patterns of their workers than managers of non-reorganized farms.' Agriculture remains the main source of employment and livelihood for the large rural population of many transition countries, especially among the former Soviet republics. Accordingly the World Bank continuously monitors the progress of land reform and farm restructuring in the region because of the potential impact of these processes on rural development and poverty alleviation in rural areas. The present study on Ukraine is the latest addition to a long and growing series of World Bank publications on land reform and farm restructuring in the former socialist countries of Europe and Central Asia. The unique feature of all these publications is their reliance on first-hand empirical information collected through extensive farm surveys of various rural constituencies. Farm surveys have been conducted by the World Bank in many countries of the CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Belarus) and Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania). Analysis of survey findings enables the World Bank to base its policy dialogue with governments in the region on solid empirical facts, making the Bank's recommendation much more credible and relevant. The new findings for Ukraine will similarly provide a platform for useful policy discussions with this country's government and supply the many international donors active on the local scene with essential information for the design of their strategic programs.

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ISBN: 9780821346662
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Publisher: World Bank Publications
Publication Date: January 17th, 2000
Pages: 55
Language: English
Series: World Bank Technical Papers