A Dude's Guide to Baby Size: What to Expect and How to Prep for Dads-to-Be (Hardcover)

A Dude's Guide to Baby Size: What to Expect and How to Prep for Dads-to-Be By Taylor Calmus Cover Image
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The viral video star behind Dude Dad offers a humorous and heartfelt guide to helping expectant fathers survive and thrive during the wild ride that is forty weeks of pregnancy.
Numerous apps and books exist to help expectant parents understand their baby’s development by comparing their unborn child to a raspberry or a stalk of broccoli, but Taylor Calmus takes issue with that. First off, your baby is not some wimpy little vegetable. Your baby is a hardcore little lug nut who is straight-up growing organs on a weekly basis. Second, how big is a stalk of broccoli? And what the heck is a kumquat? Clearly this situation calls for a better approach. Enter . . . A Dude’s Guide to Baby Size.
At week nine, your little shredder resembles the circumference of a guitar pick.
At week twenty-four, your budding jalapeño is the size of some concession-stand nachos.
By week thirty-four, your little lopper is now the size of a sixteen-inch largemouth bass that weighs four to five pounds!
This book is full of fun facts about your growing baby, advice on how to help Mom-to-be, as well as ideas and encouragement for you on your journey from Dude to Dude Dad.
Buckle up for a wild ride full of maternity metaphors, gnarly playlists for all the special occasions, new parenting tales, dos and don’ts for expecting dads, and even an entire chapter dedicated to beef brisket!

About the Author

Taylor Calmus, better known as Dude Dad, is a Colorado-based video creator who makes comedic content all about fatherhood and family life. His videos feature everything from sketches to crazy DIY projects and even heartfelt thoughts about the joys and challenges of fatherhood. Taylor is also the host of Super Dad, a DIY show on the Magnolia Network, where Taylor helps other dads create amazing backyard projects for their kids. Taylor and his wife, Heidi, live in Fort Collins, Colorado, with their three children.

Praise For…

“As a dad, I find the biggest gift another dad can give me is their honesty. The assignment of caring for another human being can be insanely daunting, and knowing that other dads, like Taylor, are dealing with the same stuff and able to encourage and joke about it is all I want to hear.”—Tony Hale, actor and comedian

“Your partner is pregnant? This book will guide you through the dos and don’ts, which will really cut down the number of times you hear, ‘Remember when I was pregnant and you thought it was a good idea to…?’ A Dude’s Guide to Baby Size will give you the perspective of a dad who’s been there, done that—and his wife still loves him. Through his down-to-earth tone filled with humor, great anecdotes, and heartfelt advice, Taylor Calmus will help you make the most of what’s guaranteed to be the most crazy, nerve-racking, and beautiful adventure of your entire life.”—Kristina Kuzmič, speaker and author of Hold On, But Don’t Hold Still

“This is the book I needed fifteen years ago. New parenthood books scared the crap out of me, but Taylor’s book gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling and helps me realize everything will be okay. It makes me want to have another baby, except there’s nothing in the book about how to reverse a vasectomy.”—Penn Holderness, chief creative officer of Holderness Family Productions and coauthor of Everybody Fights: So Why Not Get Better at It?

“Do you want to have a better understanding of what both mom and baby are going through during pregnancy? Taylor walks you through this journey in a way that not only helps a soon-to-be dad understand the logistics of pregnancy but also invites him into connecting with the baby before birth. He shares personal stories of parenting young children, lessons learned, and prompts to help you envision what it’s going to be like to have the best title in the world: Dad. I’m super proud of Taylor and this book, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my husband!”—Heidi Calmus, wife and mother

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Publication Date: May 10th, 2022
Pages: 176
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