Spirit Service: Vodún and Vodou in the African Atlantic World (Paperback)

Spirit Service: Vodún and Vodou in the African Atlantic World By Eric James Montgomery (Editor), Timothy R. Landry (Editor), Christian N. Vannier (Editor) Cover Image
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Known in the Dominican Republic and Togo as Vodu, in Benin as Vod n, and in Haiti as Vodou, West African religion has, for hundreds of years, served as a repository of sacred knowledge while simultaneously evolving in response to human experience and globalization.

Spirit Service: Vod n and Vodou in the African Atlantic World explores this dynamic religion, its mobility, and its place in the modern world. By examining the systems--ritual practices, community-based spirit veneration, and spiritual means of securing opportunity and well-being--alongside the individuals who worship, this rich collection offers the first comprehensive ethnographic study of West African spirit service on a broad scale. Contributors consider social encounters between African/Haitian practitioners and European / North American spiritual seekers, economies and histories, funerary rites and spirit possessions, and examinations of gender and materiality.

Offering much-needed perspective on this historically disparaged religion, Spirit Service reminds us all that the gods are growing, assimilating, and demanding recognition and respect.

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ISBN: 9780253061911
ISBN-10: 0253061911
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Publication Date: June 7th, 2022
Pages: 346
Language: English